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If you want to have a beautiful garden, you should consider all of the design elements. Dont just look at shrubs, flowers, and trees. Consider garden structures like trellises and gazebos, and of course landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting, including garden path lighting, has become very popular with gardeners. Many people askes Why Use Landscape Lighting. It enhances the natural beauty of your garden, allowing you to enjoy your hard work long after dusk. Plus, garden path lighting is a useful safety feature for your yard.

Many people choose solar garden lights to use as garden path lighting. While electrical lighting can also be used, it required digging into your yard, making it a much more permanent addition to the landscape. To use solar lighting, just place a AA battery into your landscape lights. Natural sunlight will keep the lights charged, and they will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. OF course, make sure they are placed where they will receive some sunlight during the day.

When youre purchasing garden path lighting, you should carefully consider the style of lighting you wish to use. Your choices include dome lights that are close to the ground, pole lighting, globes, lanterns, or stepping stones. The most commonly used garden path lights are attached to a spike or pole, which you simply push into the ground. When using solar lighting, thats all there is to installing garden path lighting.

Most of the garden path lighting currently available is made from durable plastic, copper, or stainless steel. You can find many different types of lighting, including those with colored bulbs or panels for a uniquely colored light. Others have a more traditional soft white or yellow glow.

If you have a water feature, like a fountain or pond, consider solar balls. These can be allowed to free float on the water, and come in a wide range of colors. These make a fun and unique addition to your yard.

Solar floats are another new idea for landscape lighting. They are disc-shaped, and can be placed on an outdoor table, along a pathway, or in a swimming pool or pond. They slowly change color, adding an interesting feature in the darkness. Solar flowers are similar to solar lights or solar floats, except that they are made out of fiber optics in the shape of various garden flowers. Attached to a spike, they are easily inserted into the ground to provide an unexpected spot of light and color during the night in your garden.

Solar stepping stones are a great way to light a garden path. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, to suit any garden. They have amber LED lights built in to provide a bright glow along your pathway.

Garden lights are available in many unique styles and colors. They are both beautiful and functional.

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