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Your backyard can be the perfect place to spend time with friends and family, or simply unwinding with a book for some quality alone time. However, it might take a little bit of extra work to bring out the best qualities in your yard. If you’re looking for a few great ways to give your backyard an effective makeover, consider these features to give it some added character!


Pathways are a great way to add a practical visual interest to your yard. You can use a walkway to partition your yard into different sections that each serve their own distinct purpose and show guests where to walk.

As you set up your backyard pathway, don’t forget to put safety first! Avoid tripping hazards and make maintenance easier by using some gravel or mulch to fill in the gaps between stone or concrete slabs. Slabs and tiles are easier to sweep off and keep tidy, and the filler will help prevent muddy, unsightly erosion.

For the perfect finishing touch, don’t forget to accent your pathway with a few hardy, easily maintained plants to create a welcoming, organic look.

Swimming Pool

Adding a pool will take your backyard to a whole new level! A lot of people worry that they won’t be able to make a pool work in their yard, but this shouldn’t hold you back. Swimming pools can be customized to fit your backyard, so you can absolutely find a way to incorporate one into your new design.Backyard a Makeover

When your pool is installed, make sure you make maintenance easier by using a pool cover to keep leaves and other debris out of the water–especially when it’s time to mow the lawn. Additionally, make sure you stay on top of tasks like checking the pH balance to make sure your water stays clean and pleasant.

Fire Pit

Fire pits provide another great way to add some character and purpose to your yard. Not only is it visually striking to get a fire going in the evenings, but it’s a great place for you to gather around with your favorite company as well.

Be careful to prioritize safety when you set up your fire pit. Don’t place it too close to your house or your swimming pool. Also make sure you never burn pressure-treated wood or trash in your fire pit, as these can release toxic gases and make cleanup more difficult. Backyard makeover is creative and fun to do, and they transform more of your property into usable space.

The addition of just a few key features can make your yard infinitely more pleasant to spend time in and set the stage for many wonderful afternoons. Consider incorporating a couple of these features to add some extra character and purpose to your backyard!

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