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Tree Services

Tree Removal

Tree Services pertain to many different aspects of a trees care. Tree Services range from trimming and pruning to pesticide applications and removals. Crider Landscaping can help you with all your tree service needs. Just Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

In the meantime continue reading about the different aspects of tree services that you may be interested in.  Click on the heading links to be taken to our blog posts on more specific information.

Professional outdoor lighting design


Proper pruning immediately improves the health and appearance of your trees. Our trained professionals can also help you with:

Tree Removal

Getting more light to your deck, yard or garden Cleaning out deadwood, broken branches Creative view enhancements Size reduction of overgrown trees Out of control shrubs and hedges

Many times tree care and tree removal can be incorporated into your landscape maintenance. You only need to deal with one company when you choose Crider Landscaping.

We offer our tree removal services all over the South East United States as well as all over the United Sates with our Disaster Relief Services.

Tree Removal

To us, removing a tree should be a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary to take the drastic step of removing trees. Whether removing dead trees or removing trees to increase the aesthetics of a landscape, we feel its best to start the conversation with, “let’s look at some ways to keep the tree”

If it does have to be removed, our crew is equipped and experienced with state of the art tree trimming and removal equipment. Our experienced staff will ensure that your property displays a professional look from the start of your project all the way through completion.

Tree Removal

From a row of unsightly shrubs to a yard full of towering hackberries, we have the experience, network and access to equipment necessary for the removal of any size tree in Hixson or Chattanooga safely. We specialize in removing trees using the climbing technique as well as using bucket trucks and cranes where necessary and possible. We are able to remove many trees that others are not able to remove.

Stump Grinding

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When you need the stump out, we have lawn friendly stump grinders that effectively remove the stump and surface roots.

We have rubber tired, lawn friendly stump grinders that will fit through 36″ gates. Sort of like a tiller that chews through wood, they shred the stump into a pile of dirt and wood chips that we can either remove or use in other parts of your landscape. Many times the wood chips are used to fill in low areas of the lawn as they are good at supplementing soils with organic matter.

Many times tree care and removal can be incorporated into your landscape maintenance. You only need to deal with one company when you choose Crider Landscaping.

After all this work has been done, the next step is to replenish the landscaper. Many companies feel that the work is done once the tree and stumps have been removed from the lawn. However, our thoughts are, “time to plant”. The last part of any balanced landscape is to replace the trees that were removed with trees or shrubs that complement the landscape.


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