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Creating the Perfect Name for Your Lawn Care Business

Brand under Magnifying GlassThe dream you have when you imagine starting your own lawn care business may be seeing that name on advertisements or on your business card for your new lawn care company.  So when you begin to get organized to finally start that lawn care business you have been dreaming about, the name you pick for the world to know your lawn care business is important.  Its worth putting some thought into because your business name serves a lot of functions.

If it has been a dream of yours to own your own lawn care business for a long time, part of that dream may be having your name become part of the business name.  The good of that approach is that your credibility that you already have as a lawn care professional becomes part of that name.  A business name has two jobs.  One is to be memorable so people can remember who to call when they need lawn work done. The other is to inspire confidence and tell the customer something about your business.  If you name your lawn care company, John Wesley’s Lawn Services, (assuming you are John Wesley), you build that credibility into part of your company name.

Using your Name for your Lawn Care Business

The downside of using your name as part of your corporate ID is that it limits you if you are thinking of building a large company that extends to other towns or spans state lines eventually.  Also if you want to sell your lawn care business in a few years, you also sell your actual name as that corporate ID is a big part of the value of the business you are selling.

Internet Marketing for your Lawn Care Business

Another consideration in picking a corporate logo is your internet web site that you want to create to support and advertise your business.  Experts in internet marketing tell us that the best internet URL is your company name.  So the best URL for TimberLine Outdoors, Inc. is TimberLineOutdoors.com.  For this reason keep your lawn services company name short and easy to remember.  It is common for someone to see your truck signage or some other promotional material about your company and go to their web site and search for your URL using the company name.  So make it easy for them to find you on the internet and that will result in more customers coming from your web site.

Also be sure you check to make sure the name you have in mind for your lawn care business is not already taken.  One way to do that is to “Google” the company name you want to use.  The other is to go to your county clerk office to register your company name.  They will find out if someone else has it.  If not, when you register it, you are reserving that name for your company so it is protected.

There are a lot of ways you can go in picking a lawn care business name.  Its not a bad idea to use a  whimsical or funny company name.  The guys who created the moving company, “Two Guys and a Truck” know the value of a humorous name.  It is memorable to your future customers which means a funny name has some serious marketing value.

Be sure you keep the name generic enough so you can add services and the name covers what you do.  If you name the company, George’s Lawn Mowing Service, that is a name that limits what you do.  By changing “lawn mowing” to “lawn care”, you can add trimming, gardening and other related services all under the same corporate ID.  So give this matter some thought even if you already have a name for your company that you really like.  Pick a name you love but also one that works for you and for your company as well.

by John Crider

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net