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A swimming pool is an excellent landscape addition that will enhance and beautify your property and increase its aesthetic appeal. This article will concentrate on the types of swimming pools available and the ones that will really be valuable to the landscape.

Kinds of Pools

There are two types of swimming pools available to choose from; an above ground and an in-ground.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are movable and can be installed and removed when necessary. These kinds are less expensive and come in a wide array of sizes and shapes.

These pools are easy to install and can be bought at reasonable rates. When it comes to adding to the look of a yard, they cannot do the job. As a landscaper, you may can try this type of swimming pool in case you are not quite ready to have a more permanent type of structure installed.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

In-ground swimming pools are the real type of pool that will fit nicely into your landscape. In-ground swimming pools are available in three different forms; concrete, vinyl lined and fiberglass.

Concrete Swimming Pools: These are the ones that are custom built by the landscape service provider or the pool constructor of your choice. Concrete pools are very popular when it comes to professional landscaping, because they can be designed to suit exact specifications of the landscape. Additionally, the are cheaper when compared to other kinds of readymade in-ground swimming pools. The major drawback is that concrete pools can take longer to manufacture.

Fiberglass swimming pools: These swimming pools are readymade at the factory and resemble the shape of an over-sized bathtub. These pools can be installed in all one piece in the landscape, only after excavation is done. The advantage of this type of swimming pool is that it does not take as to install them as other kinds of swimming pools. The major drawback is that it adds to the cost and there is a lack of types to pick from. For landscapers seeking an immediate swimming pool solution without any fuss, this type is ideal.

Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools: These pools make use of a vinyl liner that covers the excavation site of the pool with paneled walls. The liner is then held in place using ribbing which is connected to the panel walls. Installing can be done within one to three weeks. These pools are cheaper to do and a vinyl pool can be perfect for those on a budget.

Pool Fencing

Pools need to be kept safe and secure, the fencing needs to help you do that. Fencing around the swimming pool will keep both children and pets safely away from the pool. In turn many communities have rules about having a fence around the swimming pool.

You can do-it-yourself on your own by using pretreated pressurized wood material or anything of anti-corrosive metal. In addition, you can also look for pre-fabricated kits that are readily available. Fencing can be made 5-6 feet high with spacing of between 3-4 inches.

Plants Around The Swimming Pool Lighting

A great idea that will improve the beauty around your swimming pool is planting plants or pool landscaping. Planting plants can protect you and your guests from unwanted spying and can provide privacy. Additionally, plants will serve as an insulation area surrounding the pool and can be a great way to hide piping and other swimming pool equipment.

It is important to note that plants near the swimming pool should not be debris laden and easy to take care of. This helps in the time spent cleaning up after the plants again and again. In addition you need to make sure that you do not use plants that have thorns near the outer edges of the swimming pool.

Pool Lighting

If you plan on entertaining around you swimming pool, can you see how good lighting from the pool will make it look so much better. You can achieve this by using the proper exterior and under the water lighting systems. Underwater lighting is an important concern that will increase safety and improve the area for people with poor vision and those who have consumed alcohol. Also important to the safety aspect, properly lighting up your pool can add to its beauty and create an ideal environment after dark. Make sure to always go for the correct lighting for your swimming pool.

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