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Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas
For many people, the addition of a swimming pool to their garden is simply for recreational purposes. But in fact, a swimming pool makes a great addition to the look of your garden. There are various pool landscaping ideas you can implement to make your swimming pool really stand out.

Effective planting around your pool can make it look really fabulous. Obviously you cannot have flower beds too close to the pool as the soil will be constantly being blown in. However, you can make good use of flower pots in various shapes and colors.

If you don’t have a swimming pool already, then you have a couple of choices as to which type of pool you buy. For a permanent pool, then a concrete pool is the most sensible solution. You will have the choice of size and shape and also how deep you want it. For a more temporary fix, then you might consider a vinyl pool. These are above ground pools and are a lot cheaper than concrete pools. You will obviously be limited to shape and size but they can be set up very quickly and easily. Also, they can be dismantled in winter, so you can have more space in your garden.


Adding decking around your swimming pool makes it a great place for people to relax. It also means that you are not standing bare foot on soil or stone. These are just a couple of ideas you can implement to really make the most of your swimming pool landscaping.