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Newer houses may be more energy-efficient, but any residence can cause utility bills that are higher than necessary. Fortunately, you can correct this situation, and many of the improvements you invest in to reduce your utility bills will also earn you a tax credit. Here are some improvements you can make that will save you money on your monthly bills.

The Roof

A roof with dark shingles will become an oven as the sun heats up your space. To reduce this risk, you might consider a metal roof. Installing a metal roof can save you money on AC costs. While asphalt shingles absorb a lot of heat, a metal roof can also reflect a great deal of it, keeping your upper floors and attic much cooler. Even better, a metal roof is permanent. It may cost a bit more for the initial installation, but if you live in an area prone to hail, the peace of mind of a metal roof will be worth the investment.

Your Windows

Energy-efficient windows can greatly reduce your air conditioning bills. In addition, new windows will look great and be easy to clean. Replacing all your windows can get expensive. Start by replacing the ones in the worst shape and adding thermal-backed drapes and caulking to those that can wait until you’re ready to address them. Anyone interested in DIY projects should be forewarned. Window replacement needs to be done quickly, and it can turn into an intricate carpentry project. Unless you’re very skilleddon’t try to put in your own replacement windows.

Your Attic

While a metal roof can help reduce heat build-up in your attic, controlling the cold up there can be a challenge. You can save yourself high heating bills by carefully insulating this space. Insulating an attic isn’t difficult, but moving around on joists can be a challenge. Unless you’re in decent shape and have good balance, you should hire someone to do this project. Once your attic is fully insulated, you can enjoy an unexpected bonus. In addition to lowering your heating costs, a well-insulated attic will make your home a much quieter place to live.

Your home is your shelter from the great outdoors. With the right improvements, you can enjoy cool air on the hottest days and warmth in the winter. Save You Money on Your Utility Bill. Small expenses can really add up, so make improvements to keep your home comfortable. You can afford them because they’ll pay for themselves over time.

Use the savings from your utility bill to let us create the outdoor space of your dreams!