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Retaining Wall Project

This particular Retaining Wall project came from an existing client. We originally did a little landscaping and yard clean up for the client. The client purchased this house in Hixson as a foreclosure and the property required a lot of work in order to get the property to the clients expectations. After having problems with the original wall we received the request for a consultation.

About the Retaining Wall

Originally the Retaining Wall was cinder block covered with a concrete stucco type finish.  When we arrived for the first consultation the wall was beginning to fall and crumble, it was a sealed wall with no drainage and therefore after about 40 years the wall was no longer holding up. From the time we first visited to the time we scheduled the rebuild a portion of the wall had already fallen.

The New Wall

There was no question as to whether or not the retaining was needing replaced, the question was how to meet the clients budget while also providing the best aesthetics. The client wanted a natural looking color in the wall and wanted a wall that would last at least another 30 years. We chose an engineered block by Keystone that secured with fiberglass pins so we could build the wall completely vertical.

Challenges in the Wall

The original Retaining Wall was built sometime before the concrete driveway was poured as well as before the sidewalk had been poured as well. This presented a rather unique challenge in the tear out and construction of the new walls. When the foundation of the original wall was encountered we had to break the wall out by hand with breaker bars and hammers in a manner not to damage the existing driveway. Once we got to the sidewalk the foundation went under the walk so we cut the foundation out flush at that point.

Satisfied Retaining wall Customer

The client admired the new wall and we were later requested to veneer the entrance porch with matching pavers to make the porch appear to be a hardscaped patio. Increasing the curb appeal of their home once again getting them closer to their long term goals.

For a consultation on your next retaining wall project contact us, and we will be glad to help you achieve your dreams.