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Exterior features of your home is something you need to keep an eye on. It can be easy to overlook a broken light fixture or a sagging fence, but small failures can lead to big problems over time. Keeping up on exterior maintenance can ultimately save you a great deal of money and time.


Keep an eye on outdoor light fixtures. Not only will you want to invest in lights that are always on, setting up some motion-activated lights will also contribute to the safety of tenants and property. In addition to light just outside the door, add lighting along fences and consider putting solar lights along pathways to make for an easy transition from the sidewalk to the front door. Solar lights can be angled to bounce light off of fences and plantings, contributing to both security and ambiance.


Maintaining stairways and handrails is critical to the security of the building and to the visual appeal of the facility. Be sure to keep an eye out for common maintenance issues that can quickly turn into serious hazards for tenants and visitors. If you run sprinklers and water tends to pool along stairways, avoid slippery surfaces by adding a gritted tread strip to keep yourself and visitors safe. Keep an eye on guttering to make sure that water is directed away from staircases and walkways. If need be, get the drainage assessed to avoid standing water on walks and steps.


One damaged stretch of fence can quickly turn into an expensive problem.. As each season changes, carefully inspect posts and fence panels for sun damage or rot. Make sure iron is protected from rust and wood is sealed and stained to Outdoor Features to prevent sun damage. Consider adding security cameras along fences to make sure that your property isn’t at risk for tagging or other forms of vandalism. Invest in quality lighting along fences so there are no dark areas between plantings or other outdoor features and fences.

Maintenance is always cheaper and much less destructive than replacement. If you have the chance to upgrade, take the time to add security tools or improve these Outdoor Features. Motion detecting lights and cameras can help you feel more secure in your home and keep you safe.

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