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Your home is a valuable asset and important part of your personal wealth. It’s important to correct any small problems as they arise to prevent bigger problems from developing. Some places that often get overlooked are outdoor spaces. Things like your roof, sidewalk, walkways, and garden beds often receive little care over time as other parts more frequently used such as bedrooms and bathrooms get immediate attention. To stay on top of maintenance issues as they arise, it’s a good idea to do a thorough annual inspection of your property. Here are three parts of your outdoor space that might warrant a closer look.

Concrete Walkways and Driveways

Your walkways and driveways receive heavy traffic on a regular basis. From vehicles driving up and down your driveway to the kids running and playing in the yard, your hardscape areas take a beating. Take time at least once a year to evaluate any repairs, whether structural or cosmetic, that need to be performed. Repeated or large cracks may be an early indicator of an underlying problem such as ground settling. According to Sunrise Asphalt, surface and superficial cracks can usually be repaired easily. It’s also a good idea to power wash your walkways to keep them looking great. Depending on the type of surface you have, you may also want to apply an annual sealant or clear coat to protect them from weathering.

The Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense from water and weather damage to the interior of your house. It’s important to check the structural integrity of your roof at least once per year during an annual inspection. You can do this and get your roof clean at the same time by using a power washer to clean away any dirt and debris while incidentally checking for any leaks or breaches in the structure. According to Absolute Steel, if the roof is made from metal harsh solvents, abrasives, wire brushes, and scouring pads should be avoided as these can damage the protective coatings. If your roof is made with wood shingles, you’ll also want to closely inspect for termites. 3 Outdoor Parts of Your Property

Trees and Landscaping

Trees and managed landscaping provide great curb appeal and add aesthetic value to the outdoor spaces of your home. However, being able to identify and treat diseased foliage is key to preventing costly damage. Pests such as beetles or other borers can be slowly eating away the insides of your trees, so it’s important to keep up with tree care and health.

While maintaining the structure of your home itself is an important part of caring for it over the years, outdoor areas are also critical. By managing roof, walkway or landscaping repairs early on, you can help to avoid bigger problems later.