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As a homeowner, it is important that you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your property is in good condition throughout the year. Ideally, a maintenance plan will allocate time and money to mowing the grass, trimming the shrubs and taking other steps to keep your yard looking nice. You Need to Keep your Landscape Trimmed

Improve Your Plants’ Health

Keeping plants trimmed goes beyond just helping them look good. Pruning a plant can help to eliminate dead or dying material that could attract insects or other pests. It can also help to prevent it from growing too large for its own good. As plants grow larger, they are less capable of producing large flowers, vegetables or fruit. If plants grow too close to the ground, they could acquire diseases present in the dirt below.

Property Safety

Property owners may be liable for injuries on their property if they fail to keep walkable areas clear or failed in other ways to make their property safe. If a dead tree branch falls on a guest or tenant, the property owner could be liable for any damages the victim incurs. Overgrown hedges or weeds could scratch, scrape or otherwise hurt a person who walks too close to them.

If grass is allowed to grow too tall, it can become a hiding place for mice or other pests that could migrate inside. Once they are inside a home, they can cause property damage as well as contaminate food that people eat. Finally, hornets or other aggressive stinging insects could conceal themselves in tall grass or inside of dead trees.

Improve Curb Appeal

If you don’t mow your yard or trim the shrubs, you could be reducing your property value as well as your neighbor’s property value. Furthermore, it is unlikely that anyone would want to buy your home if the exterior isn’t kept in reasonable condition. It may be a good idea to look into purchasing artificial turf or hiring a landscaping company to mow the lawn or perform other tasks if you don’t like doing outdoor chores yourself.

It is critical that your home looks its best both inside and out. In addition to making the property more appealing to neighbors and potential buyers, it can help to prevent pests or other types of damage from occurring. It is important to note that a homeowners insurance company may deny a damage claim if property owner negligence caused it to occur. To avoid any of these problems, keep your landscape trimmed regularly.

If you need help maintaining your landscape, call and schedule landscape maintenance services with us!