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Lawn Watering DIY

If you are looking for new lawn watering tips and you live in a draught region, you have come to the right place. New lawn watering is so important, but if you live in an area where rain is scarce, you will be the one that will have to provide all of the water to your new lawn.

The first thing you have to do in regards to new lawn watering is to find out if there is any water restriction in your town. If there are water restrictions, find out what they are in detail.

The best time to water during a drought is in the morning. This will keep your water from evaporating due to high wind and temperature. Many people who live in a drought region invest in an automatic watering system. This will ensure new lawn watering without having to get out of bed before the roosters.

You should probably avoid using overhead sprinklers during the day. Over half of the water put out by these sprinklers will be lost. A method for new lawn watering during the afternoon that is very productive is soaker hoses. Invest in soaker hoses and run them throughout your yard.

When you do water, try to water less often but water deeply. Water needs to go to a depth of six inches. If you water often but not deep, the bottom soil will not stay moist.

Be mindful of any leaks you may have in your watering system. This is a good practice, especially if you are under water restrictions in your area. Slow leaks can amount up to hundreds or thousands of gallons of lost water every month.

In the chance that you do get rain, have your gutters set up so the water is diverted to your new lawn.

If you are just starting a new lawn and preparing the soil, you should add organic matter that will aid in water retention. You should also probably think about sowing a grass seed that is draught resistant.

Slow down your fertilization routine during the drought times. Fertilizers promote growth which means you will have to water more often.

Instead of using weed killers during the drought times, you may need to manually pull them out of your lawn, or simply cut them off at the surface.

Leave your lawn clipping on the grass. They can add moisture to your lawn.

If you are restricted from watering your lawn, you should simply let it go dormant. It will come back to life when water conditions improve. However, you should not mow grass when it is going dormant and not growing.

Avoid applying pesticides during times of drought, if possible. Pesticides can cause burns and injuries to grass that may require extra new lawn watering.

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