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An attractive landscape can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. But for some people, it’s difficult to come up with good ideas for landscaping tips for their property. The choices can seem overwhelming, as well as a lot of work.

To help make it easier for you, here are some simple landscaping ideas. These tips are easy to implement. And they’ll keep your yard looking beautiful without a lot of work.

1. Start by evaluating your soil in order to determine what kind of vegetation you should plant. Some plants thrive in soil with more acidity, and others prefer a little more alkali. Some soil contains a lot of sand or clay, and some is loamy. In some cases you can change the components of the soil in order to grow the plants you want by adding soil amendments.

2. You should know how much space each plant and shrub needs to be healthy. Some root systems take up more space than others. A plant that grows wildly without sufficient room will crowd out your other plants. Also, make sure you understand the spacing requirements between plants. Make sure there’s enough room for their leaves and branches to spread out.

3. Select plants that are native to your area. This way you’ll know that the plants you choose are appropriate for the climate and soil. If you choose plants that aren’t native, try to find ones that come from a climate similar to yours.

4. Plan your landscape around different blooming times. Your property will only look its best for a few weeks of the year if all your plants are in full glory at the same time. One way to help avoid this is to choose bushes and shrubs that look good green, but also have some sort of flower. You should also group together several varieties of plants that flower at various times throughout the season. For instance, you can plant spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils in between plants that will bloom a little later.

5. Arrange decorative bark or mulch around your trees and shrubs. This will cover the ground and look more attractive than dirt. It will also help keep in moisture, repel weeds, and provide natural food as it breaks down. Other attractive landscape design ideas include using attractive groundcover like chicks and hens placed around trees and shrubs.