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You just fulfilled your dream of putting a landscaped swimming pool in your backyard, and you can already envision the amazing pool parties and neighborhood get-togethers that will fill your summer weekends for years to come.  Only one thing stands between you and your first big party: the challenge of landscaping your swimming pool area. swimming pool landscaping can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these ideas your poolside will look amazing.

Choosing The Right Fence And Decking Sets You Off On The Right Foot With Swimming Pool Landscaping

Fencing a swimming pool is a major safety precaution that every pool owner needs to follow. In fact, many cities require fences as a part of getting a swimming pool permit. Since your fence will be a major focal point around your pool take the time to choose one that will look attractive next to your house and provide a great backdrop for swimming pool landscaping. Putting your fence too close to the pool is a big mistake as it will limit your options for the placement of plants.

Depending on the type of pool you have, the way that you surround your pool will vary. Above ground pools often have wrap around wooden decks and in ground pools are often wrapped in cement sidewalks or flagstones. The shape of the pool, type of fence surrounding it, and the type of swimming pool landscaping ideas you have, will have a big bearing on the type of decking you choose.

Swimming Pool Landscaping And Plant Choice

When you are landscaping your landscaped swimming pool area, sometimes the plants you don’t choose are as important as the plants you do choose. Many people like the idea of shade around the pool, but planting trees around the pool means you will be cleaning leaves out of the pool on a regular basis. If you want shade choose evergreen shrubs, such as junipers and you will have a cleaner pool.

It is very tempting to plant highly fragrant or flowering shrubs next to your pool. As beautiful as a flowering bush can be, it can also be a haven for bees. Pool parties are great so don’t spoil them by planting shrubs that attract bees otherwise you will spend all your time evading these stinging insects.

Planting your shrubs, plants and flowers in containers and spreading them around the pool area is a great way to add greenery near your pool.