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Years ago, I met a lady that had built her own water garden in her backyard. It was beautiful, and she poured a lot of time and effort into this project, moving rocks and debris, digging a gigantic hole, planting water plants and making a careful selection of koi fish to complete her pond.

It took three months of hard labor, but once she was done, she hosted a party to show off her beautiful water garden. Just as the sun was setting, a wondrous array of colored lights were floating above the top of the water. It was breathtaking and the perfect addition to her backyard masterpiece.

There is a wide array of misting nozzles that you can purchase. Each one offers a unique pattern of water spray and will help reduce the need for pond maintenance due to constant water circulation. You can purchase mister nozzles with or without lighting. If you get a mister without lights, you are missing out on some colorful elegance the misters provide.

Now there are many types of water lighting designs available. Some of the most unique and lovely are the Dancing Water misters. These mister units attach to an under water pump and shoot water up out of the pond. It makes the water look as if it were dancing across the top of the pond. There are also multi-colored low voltage lights which are attached to the unit and create a vivid display of different colors as the waters dance.

Floating lights are also become a very popular form of water garden lights. They add an element of fun to your pond. There are round balls that are attached to a waterproof cable, they can be filled with a bit of water to adjust the level of submersion. You can purchase a single floating light or you can get several in sets of two and three.

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