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A lot of homeowners really care for their lawns and spend a lot time tending to them. That means they give so much time in mowing, landscaping, and doing other lawn maintenance jobs to keep their lawns in great condition.
But wouldn’t it be great if you just spend less time in your lawn and still maintain its beauty?

Less mowing does not mean ugly lawns. Sure, the grass will grow a bit longer if you chose to mow your lawn at least one a week, around two inches instead of one ( I recommend keeping fescue at 4 inches and Bermuda at 2). But there is no visible or any significant difference in height at all.

The good thing about less mowing is that you cut your mowing time in half.

When you let your grass grow taller the roots also go deeper into the soil. This helps in keeping the grass healthy since it is getting more nutrients from the soil. Healthier grass in turn is more beautiful and easy to maintain.

A useful tip you can also use in trimming your mowing time can be found in the blades of your mower.

Always mow the lawn with sharp mower blades.

Not only do you cut the grass efficiently, there would be no need to mow the great lawn for the second time. With sharp mower blades, there will be no need for you to manually pull out the grass that the mower passed, saving your energy as well as your time.

Grass varieties also play a role in the overall maintenance of your lawn. Grasses that thrive in your geographical area are much easier to maintain than those that aren’t. In contrast, grass types that are not native to the area or do not suit well with the weather will require more than the usual maintenance care from you.

Lastly, you must not over-water your lawn and remember to keep the soil ventilated. Over-watering delays the growth of the roots and lack of ventilation renders the soil unhealthy.

As mentioned earlier, deeper roots mean healthy grass.

Ventilation, however, keeps the moisture in the soil, which helps in keeping the grass healthy. Proper soil ventilation also decreases the need to water your lawn every now and then.

Lawns do not become unattractive if you dedicate less time in mowing them.

All you have to do is follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and you’ll be surprised with the amount of time available to you. With more time in your hands, the more things you can do. In that end, you’ll transform to a more productive person.