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Firewood Delivery in Chattanooga


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Seasoned Firewood Stacked


Hixson and Chattanooga Friewood Service

Since we offer a tree removal service we are able to supply quality hardwood for the fireplace at the best rates possible. We select only the best quality portions of a tree for our firewood processing. We sell our firewood in three different portions: The Cord, The Half Cord and The Face Cord (more commonly referred to the Rick). Our seasoned firewood is great for camping, heating, cooking Bar-b-Que or just keeping a romantic fire in the fireplace.

Crider’s Landscaping has a large selection of seasoned wood available throughout the year. We have Hickory, Oak, and Maple as well as other varieties of wood from time to time. We can supply you with firewood for a cookout or bonfire and we can supply you with all the Hickory wood to run your BBQ business year round.

Pricing of Firewood


We are able to accommodate any amount of wood on an as needed basis. If you are camping at any of our local parks, Whether it be Chester Frost County Park, Booker T. Washington State Park, Harrison Bay State Park or just a weekend cookout, call us for small quantity pricing specials that can’t be beat at the camp store.

Moving wood and brush can spread invasive insects and parasites that destroy our trees and forests. We adhere to guidelines put in place by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

When purchasing wood remember to buy locally processed firewood in order to prevent the spread of invasive insects and diseases that can be spread through the transportation of infected firewood. For more information on the safe handling of firewood visit the site Don’t Move Firewood by clicking the link below.

Unfortunately, if you are planning on taking the wood into a National Park like the Great Smoky Mountains we cant sell to you. There are laws concerning firewood in the National Parks and Forests. We do not offer USDA kiln dried firewood, therefore it cannot be taken to these areas.

Campfires and S’mores

Our wood can be picked up in person at our locations in Chattanooga, St. Elmo, Soddy Daisy or can be delivered for a small additional fee. Our rates vary from time to time as well as our quantity and selection available. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our firewood at the best possible price for our clients. For example; below are our average prices on firewood quantities. Call for current pricing and Deals.


Call for current pricing.


Rick / Face Cord |$100.00|$125.00

1/2 Cord |$175.00|$200.00

Full Cord|$350.00|$400.00

If you are camping at Chester Frost Park in Hixson TN and need firewood for the Week or Weekend contact us for our campers specials on firewood. Don’t by bundles at the gas station when you can buy local wood delivered direct to your Chester Frost Campground Campsite in Hixson.


  • Talk to your neighbors, friends, family and coworkers about forest pests in Tennessee and what they should look for on their trees. Remind them that there are quarantines in several counties in Tennessee that restrict the movement of certain plant materials like wood.
  • Tell your friends not to move wood, especially when camping, hunting, biking, or hiking. Ideally, your wood should be from only a few miles away, or at least in the same county. State and Federally certified wood is also an option.



Definitions of Firewood:

Cord of wood:

A cord of wood is defined by a measurement of 4x4x8 foot stack of wood for a total of 128 cubic feet. This is a measurement defined by state statute and more can be found on wikipedia.

1/2 Cord of wood:

Technically not a legally defined amount of wood but it is a measurement that can be defined. However this is a stack of firewood that is 4x4x4 and totals 64 cubic feet.

Face Cord / Rick of wood

Now, here is where measurements get messy. Many times you will see wood advertised in this manner especially on local classified sites. This is because there is no actual defined measurement of wood in this amount. Generally speaking if wood is split into sticks that are 16 inches long you would have a face cord or 1/3 a cord of wood. This is the amount of wood that most people refer to in a rick of wood, but this is not always true.