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Eco-Friendly Landscapes

We offer many eco-friendly landscape solutions, whether you are looking for green landscape solutions or the unique earth friendly landscape Crider Landscaping can help you on your next Eco-friendly building project. The easiest solution is to implement rain barrels and native plant selections, but we go beyond that

From Rain water collection and re-use to permeable hardscape solutions we have you covered. Many people think that because it’s landscaping its a green solution and that is true in part. However, there are several ways to make your landscape project have an even better environmental impact. WE have many tricks up our sleeves in order to help make your next green project, well… “Green”


With systems available to collect water for the garden in simple rain barrels, all the way to complete underground systems. Use recycled water for use in irrigation systems and more. Possibilities for rainwater re-use are endless. If you are on city sewer systems this can save a substantial amount off of your water bill by using natural water in your lawn instead of municipality water.

We are RainXchange certified contractors that allows us to have access to some of the best rain water recycling methods and products available.


Traditional drive ways are hard, impervious areas that water cannot drain into. With permeable solutions you can reduce rain water runoff and create beautiful driveways that blend into the natural surroundings that look just like your lawn.


Roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular. With new systems there are endless possibilities for roof top gardens. They are Eco-friendly; reducing building temperatures by providing natural insulation and reducing rainwater runoff and creating natural filtration.

Crider Landscaping believes in responsible management of resources whether natural or man made. Contact us today for a consultation on better managing our resources for future generations.