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If you’ve thought about putting in your own exterior yard lights but thought it was too complicated, this is to tell you that it is not. Outside yard lights can be easy to install if you have a design in mind. A first rate design is a necessary component of any exterior yard lights installation. Outside yard lighting comes in a few different variations and before you start planning, you should decide the one you prefer to implement. Also, you are going to want to remain open to new landscape designs that may just allow you to come up with a landscape that simply astounds you.

The Two Types Of Outside Garden Lighting

The first type of exterior yard lights is cabled, electrical exterior yard lights. If you are going to install this, you are going to need to have an existing electrical outlet on the exterior of your house. Every one of the lights is connected along a sequence of protected electrical wiring. Planning for this setup you need to consider both the light fixtures and the cord that they are connected to. Prior to setting up the first lights, it is recommended that you start by outlining your front or back yard, depending on where the lights are being positioned. Draw out and measure the same distance between each of the lights then plot them out inside your yard. You should be sure that you have enough wiring and space for the wiring behind the lights.

The advantages of choosing the electrical exterior yard lighting scheme are that you can switch it off and on whenever you want, it constantly has power, and you can purchase more powerful lights for the set-up. The cable systems are usually less expensive also.

The other kind of exterior yard lighting set-up makes us of solar lights. A solar garden lighting set-up takes the sun rays and charges up in daylight then turns on after it gets dark. These systems are very easy to set up and do not need as much designing that the cabled set-up does. Besides that, it is relatively easy to rearrage the landscape lighting if you do not care for where they are. There is no upkeep needed for this style of system and it is very easy to maintain. If any component breaks it can easily be replaced.

The advantages of installing the solar lighting system are how uncomplicated it is to setup and how uncomplicated it is to make adjustments to. This kind of installation can also be fixed very fast if there are any problems with the components within the system. The primary disadvantage is that they generally are more expensive and are not nearly as bright as the electrical system. Also, this kind of exterior yard lights needs close to 8 hours per day of sunshine to be completely charged up, so if you live in a region with little sunlight it can be difficult to keep the system up and the lights shining vividly.

As you can see there are pros and cons to each system, so make sure you consider your location before you come up with your final decision.