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We pride ourselves in not just offering the weekly maintenance.  We take pride in being highly trained and being able to offer all the landscape services that you may need.  We believe in maintaining a strong open line of communication with our clients.  We will continually inform you of your lawn’s progress and special needs.  Our staff is always there for you, so you can count on us to give you optimum mowing and irrigation practices for your specific lawn.

Our maintenance experts offer many services including:

  • routine manicures
  • pruning, fertilizing
  • irrigation
  • pest control
  • and much more.


Tree Services

At Crider Landscaping, our arborists are highly trained and experienced in the art and science of tree care and removal.  We can help you decide what is best for your trees.

Our tree care experts offer many services including:

  • emergency services
  • removing
  • hazardous removals
  • fertilizing
  • lot clearing
  • preventative maintenance
  • pruning
  • stump removal



A Clemson University study recently observed the impact of landscaping on the resale value of single family homes.  A house that obtained an excellent landscape rating from the local lawn care professional could expect to receive a sale price of 4 to 5% higher than that of an equivalent home with just good or average landscaping.  Homes with landscaping ranked poor, relative to neighboring homes with excellent landscapes, could expect a sale price 8 to 10% lower than that of  equivalent homes with good or excellent landscape appeal.

If you have ever had trouble maintaining your lawn or flower beds, allow us to relieve that burden.  Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape your lawn was made to give you.


Why Choose Us?

We take our service beyond other lawn care companies and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.  If at any point you aren’t completely satisfied with your results, we will work for free until the goal is met?  With us, you get more than service-you get results.  It’s our promise to you.

We provide a range of services including: mowing, maintenance, aeration, seeding, landscaping, fertilizing, pest control, sprinkler maintenance, water features, tree removal, pruning and planting.

  • We only provide quotes for assessing what your lawn needs.
  • We help you decide what products and services are appropriate for your budget.
  • We make customer relations and satisfaction of the utmost importance.
  • We are certified and use only the highest quality products for each job.