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Many people ask,

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?

To answer this question we need to delve further into your lawn and your climate and also determine if it is best to aerate your lawn or go a different route entirely.

  1. What type of lawn do I have?

    1. Bermuda, or Fescue

If your lawn is Bermuda grass, generally speaking, you will not want to aerate your lawn instead vertical cut or De-thatching  your lawn will be a better option followed by over seeding just as the weather begins to maintain 65 degrees regularly. Bermuda grass is a warm season grass, slow to germinate and cool weather with stunt if not entirely kill  the seeds germination.

Now, for Fescue grass, Aerating will benefit your lawn greatly. However, for this you will need to establish the best time to aerate and seed the lawn based on climate. Read below to establish he best time to aerate. If you are in the Chattanooga area, autumn will most likely be the best time for you.

  1. Do I live in a warm climate or a cool climate area?

    1. Southern, or Northern areas?

In the southern states, with minimal to no snow fall, the best time to aerate and seed your lawn is in the late summer or early fall just as the weather begins to cool.

In areas receiving snowfall the best time to aerate and seed your lawn is going to be in the spring after the last sign of frost. This will help the lawn that has been under the load of snow and has been compressed all winter.

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