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The exterior of residential properties is often neglected, which can make it look bland and uninviting. Those who want to create a pleasant setting that is tranquil can consider transforming the space into a Byzantine garden to draw more attention to the property. Here are a few landscaping ideas to make your yard feel like an escape.

Add Pathways

Pathways were commonplace in byzantine gardens and allowed visitors to stroll through and enjoy the different fixtures and plants present. Consider adding stone or pebbles to create multiple pathways that allow you to spend more time in the setting and separate different sections of the yard. You can even add a trellis to the entrance of one or two of the pathways to mark its start and add a touch of drama that enhances the overall quality of your garden. Plant a few bushes nearby that can grow up the sides of the trellis to create a lush and natural feature.

Add Statues

Byzantine gardens are known to have a Roman influence with mosaic designs. Consider adding statues or decorative elements to your yard, which creates an inviting setting and will make you want to walk the grounds. The statues will become the main focal points on the property and can add a touch of romanticism and elegance.

Warm Weather Plants

Warm weather plants are drought-resistant and can continue to grow and thrive in warm temperatures. Consider adding desert plants like agave, Calamagrostis acutiflora, Euphorbia, and Gypsophila paniculata. Many of the plants can fill in bare areas of the yard and don’t require a lot of attention or care to maintain their beauty and thrive throughout the year.

Incorporate a Fountain

Installing a water feature on the exterior property will add a tranquil touch that is relaxing and mimics an authentic Byzantine garden. Consider selecting a fountain with multiple tiers for the added drama that will look timeless. Incorporating uniformity if you use more than one fountain will also create a manicured and polished design on the property that is beautiful.

There are many landscaping ideas to consider when you want to make your yard feel like an authentic Byzantine garden. With the right features and touches added, you can feel proud to show off the property in the neighborhood and even boost the value of the home due to the natural beauty and design of the setting.

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