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While you’re working outside in your yard or trying to clean your home, going through boxes in a dark closet, you might come across a spider. If you live in the southeastern area of the country, then there are a few spiders that you might see more than others. It’s important to pay attention to the details of some of these spiders as there are some that are poisonous and can severely impact your health if you’re bitten.

American House Spider

This is a small brown spider that sometimes has yellow specks on its back. The front legs are a bit longer than the back legs. You’ll usually see these spiders in southeast texas inside your home more than outside. They like dark areas and often build nests where they feel that they won’t be disturbed. If you shine a light on the spider, you can sometimes see the shine on its back. This spider grows to less than an inch in size. It’s similar in appearance to the black widow, but the black widow can be deadly whereas the house spider just wants to be left alone.

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Wolf Spider

If you come across a wolf spider, then you’ll see why it has its name. Thick hair that is either brown or gray covers the spider, making it look rather like a small, eight-legged wolf. They enjoy living around a lot of plants and are nocturnal spiders. The head is in an oblong shape as well as the body of the spider.

Source: The Real Dirt Blog

Cellar Spider

This is a spider that resembles a daddy longlegs. Its legs are very long and thin, giving it the ability to easily climb on walls and plants. Although it has venom, it’s usually not detrimental to people. The spider tends to make a nest in dark corners, such as the ones found in cellars, basements, or attics.

Orb Weaver

The orb weaver is a beautiful spider that that creates a majestic web. Fields and gardens attract orb weavers more than other areas, which is why they are also commonly referred to as ‘garden spiders’. The large abdomen can be as large as an inch across. You’ll usually see the orb weaver in sunny areas of your yard as this is where it likes to build a nest to capture more prey.

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Spiders can be beneficial to have around the exterior of your home as they can keep insects away. When you see a spider, pay attention to the details on it. There are some that look harmless but are actually quite venomous. If you want to keep spiders in southeast texas away from your home, then consider using an exterminator or using natural products that include peppermint oil or black pepper.

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